November 18, 2008

Sold Soul (fiction of epic proportions) continues...

On the business side, I was enjoying a new income stream when Mr. N brought a new member to his business. Since day one, it seems that he had a funder whom he had known since his high-flying days as a corporate mover and shaker. This Chinese guy was the Chief Financial Officer of one of the biggest conglomerate in Malaysia. We sometimes have to go for meetings at his office which was at the penthouse of the conglomerate's building in the middle of Kuala Lumpur. I never imagined myself to be mixing with such people if I had stayed in Seremban.

From these meetings, I learnt the terms such as capital expenditure (Capex), cost overrun, human resource development, zero coupon, discounted issuances and various other terms. Some were taught to me but some were terms I overheard Mr. N used when talking to other people. The exposure made me read more books on management and finance.

In the earlier days of the business of the franchise clinic, my uncle's sister was supposed to be the funder of the company. When Mr. N started to demand a substantial amount as capital expenditures which came up to a cool million, my uncle sister balked and they started to haggle on the cost of operation of the clinic. That was when Mr. N brought in his own funder but asked for my uncle's sister to liquidate a part of her shares. She took one glance at the name of the would-be shareholder, who was the Chinese guy, and she started to demand a sum which was ridiculous.

As for me, I was too excited of the introduction of the eye-opening corporate world and the riches it promises. I was spending nearly everyday in the presence of Mr. and Mrs. N and a guy who was their neighbour's son, and I lost touch with my Seremban-based legal firm. I was even given a room to myself in the clinic to help them with their drafting and managing all the legal needs of the company. They were also planning to open an office somewhere in Sunway in which I would be given my own room and even my own secretary. I just couldn't wait to move into the promised office.

As my partner then was adamant in staying in not opening a branch anywhere in the Klang Valley as I could just easily drive everyday up and down to and from Seremban to service do legal work for this guy. I finally asked for us to be separated and went our own separate way. I managed to convince a friend of mine to consider and became my partner. As she was also on the look-out for a way to get out of her then employment, she agreed.

I went to the same university as my new partner but was not that close to her. She was a beautiful lady and was always draping herself on some cute guy'sshoulder that I didn't have the interest in her per se, although if I was ever given half the chance, who knows. When she became my partner, Mr. N was too interested in her but as we worked in the same office as Mrs. N, he backed out. He knew when not to piss in a pool where he was swimming...

As I knew I couldn't commute forever, I went to look for an accommodation and I found one when I met a friend of a friend who was looking for housemates. I knew I wouldn't stay long with them when I got to know that there were nearly 6 other housemates in a 3-bedroom condominium. That was when I met a few girls who would just enter and sleep over at the house as if they were living there. Our sexual escapades every week would vary according to the club which we would hop from one to another. These girls vary from students to excutives and even divorcees. My housemates seems to attract all kind of girls as they mostly worked with banks and have many disposable income with sports cars to boot.

It was like living in a free-for-all harem...

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