November 1, 2008

Self publishing

I have so many ideas in my mind that I sometimes dreams of what I want to write or weirder still, I dream of living out the writings that I want to put down on paper.

I was quite a lazy person in my earlier days of professional life. When my firm was running on its own and my partners are more of the work-horses than me, I was entrusted to ensure my firm is kept on track and has enough money for salary and such. As I computerised nearly everything, it doesn't make me have to spend too much time on managing my firm. So, I have quite a lot of time on my hands.

Currently, I am taking an online course in Islamic banking with occasional seminars, talks and pre-examination sessions. This course ensure that I don't have to spend too much time going to lectures as even the tutorials are optional. As I always consider myself as a self-taught guy, that was how I approached this course. Alhamdulillah, up till now, I never failed a subject, yet (Oh, just remembered that I have 5 assignments to send in before 9.11.08, must get working on them). All are done online. And no, its not conducted by some small university but a university under Bank Negara Malaysia, called INCEIF.

As I go to school, I also taught Business Law to UiTM students in their business school. They are taking their exams this coming 3.11.08 and I wish them luck. I think they had helped me polish my public speaking but as my lovely partner and wife (2 different persons, ok) like to say, I am a very talkative person or "leter...." and they consider asking me to lecture is like giving me candy (to those who understand, literally and figuratively. The candy, not the talking)

And I am also in the Selangor Bar Committee (lawyer association, not a pub's bar) as a sub-committee member but its run by a capable leader who rarely ask for my help. She just gave birth so it falls on me to launch our new website at the Selangor Bar Dinner. Do check it by December this year.

Anyway, just a few novels and non-fiction currently in my head, which I am going to put on this blog or in a book one of these days :-

1) Sold Soul (fiction of epic proportions) - based on my life stories but there were and will be a few exaggerations
2) Hari-Hari Terakhir Seorang YB (satu novel Malaysia) - yes, I know a few YBs but the YB here is not a specific person

1) 101 Questions That You Should Ask Lawyers Before Buying A Property In Malaysia - approached by quite a few persons to write this fast, but I have but 2 hands...
2) THIS IS HOW WE DO IT - How My Journey Building a Legal Firm Can Be a Guide for All Professional Service Businesses - trying to be the longest title ever

1) Seremban (a novel) - a spin-off from Sold Soul
2) Why be a lawyer?

I do know that someone else might have the same ideas and would probably manage to get this books out way before me, but all that I have written in this blog are also being written as a way for me to finish these books that I am authoring. The 101 Q is co-authored by my partner.

I really hope I will finish at least one book and someone is willing to publish it. Those publishers only reply my email once then were never heard of again. Maybe I need to remarket them later.

As for now, I stick to my self-publishing with this blog.



Zee bo Bee said...

Ola nuffnanger!

Check out my self-published works too!

Zee bo Bee said...

Hey hey!

Sure thing, no problem

But it ain't stealing if you give credit where credit is due :)

Glad to be of insipiration (if that's what it is).


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