November 28, 2008

My invited public speaking experience

Being a lawyer, everyone would expect me to have a few experience in public speaking. Truth be told, I am one of those lawyer who have forgotten how to talk in public. I did started off my legal career as a criminal litigation lawyer and being shy or uninitiated in the public speaking is a big no, no. That was nearly 9 years ago when I was an eager lad who wanted to make my mark in the world. At least I didn't loose any one of my client to the noose.

Now, I am more of a business owner than a lawyer. I have forgotten the feeling of cold feet the moment you step inside a courtroom. I have forgotten how to address a judge. I have forgotten the stammer that happened to you when you forgotten a piece of the law which you should remember. I have forgotten the best feature of any courtroom date - THE WAIT!!! (That's a story for another day)

Thanks to my former schoolmate who is now a lecturer in a university somewhere down south of Klang Valley, I was invited to give a talk on the issue of how did I started my firm under the heading : Membuat Keputusan / Making the Decision. I was given no information on the demographic of my audience, the number of my audience and how big was the place I was supposed to make the presentation. The only thing I know was I need only to bring a presentation, preferably in Microsoft Powerpoint version. I thought it out and made a simple note of 8 slides which were just an accumulation of ideas I had for me to disseminate to the students.

When I arrived quite late as there were 2 roadblocks which I had to passed through but was relieved to see the presenter before me was still at it. When he came out, he told me he was also caught in the roadblocks. Something must be afoot but no one knew what. As it was a holiday, the university was quite empty and I had to look for the secretariat room. My friend was still on his way there but arrived just as I was supposed to go in.

There was just around 25 students from various faculty at various stages of their study. They were briefed by the facilitator on how to prepare working paper to source for funds and how to get the help they needed when they graduated. All of them were of one gender which was female and I wondered on why didn't any male took the seminar. Maybe they have better programs to keep themselves occupied. When I looked at their 9 days schedules and asked them a bit of what they have learned, I decided to abandon the slides and bullshit my way through.

Okay, not really bullshit but I told them on what I have experienced the whole 9 years being a business owner and what I have been through. I told them to expected the unexpected and to be aware of the situation in the real world. It was more of me telling my experience, which I love to do than a real 'talk'. It was a change from the lectures that I gave to my Business Law class in UiTM and it was a new experience.

Maybe I do have what it takes to be a motivator. Even my partner say I rarely pass an opportunity to talk in any situation be it in a forum with the BNM Governor in attendance or even in a foreign country where I am the lone Malaysian.

Maybe its time my big mouth get a boost. Another feather in my cap or another cap to be worn as and when? Hmmm.....

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