November 7, 2008

Sold Soul (a fiction of epic proportion) continues...

(This is an ongoing online novel started as a fictionalised events of my life. Its based on true events not all experienced by me but there were some total fictions too)

I had always have the fascination with the night life of Kuala Lumpur. During my undergraduate years, I had frequented Hard Rock Cafe Kuala Lumpur (as I told this story here and when I started to work in Seremban, I stopped totally from going out as Seremban was quite a dead town after 10pm, except for some pubs and small karaokes.

When I started my partnership in Seremban I had too much time on my hand as I have  an office which can help me in handling mundane staff like setting up appointments and ensuring I could easily get away from any appointments that I didn't want to attend to. I was a born boss who just wanted to act like one whether I had files to my name or not.

That was why I was so into sports then which would end with us going for drinks and sometimes food at a place near the Paroi stadium although every one of our parents would have prepared food at our houses. The stall that we frequented also have this one gorgeous girl who knew how to play the you-can-look-but-you-can't-touch-game. We played along as her father was always in the peripheral of our vision to ensure the safety of his daughter.

The excursion to KL made me opened up a bit to a new world. I met somebody in Seremban who was a senior in my borading school and he was also desperate for a job. He was from a family who was well known to be the supplier of leaders of various gangs in Seremban. His brother was known to get in fights with no apparent reason and there was his one place in Seremban called Wisma Punca Emas where as a teenager, I would be afraid to go as it was said that his brother would ask for money from anyone that he knew he could take on. As for this guy, he was just as bad but he was my roommate in the boarding school that I was thrown out of (the story here He was a bully while we were in school together but when I met him again, he seemed to be a bit mellow. How big a mistake first impression could be. I shouldn't have trusted Z.

I tried to include him in my drives to KL by asking him to follow me and meet Mr. N. Mr. N seems to think that Z has his usefullness. He asked Z to do bit jobs and Z was glad for the miniscule salary that he received. Little that I know, he had other plan in his mind.

One day, he started to ask me to accompany him to a place in Sentul, of all places. When I reached the place, lo and behold, it was a big dangdut club which I scorned and asked him to go ahead as I would go and have drinks somewhere while I waited for him to finish. His power of persuasion was very impressive as he wiled his way to get me to come. He said that it would be a world that I will never find outside in the real world.

My curiosty got the better of me and I was introduced to a new world that I never knew exist. Thanks to that few years of familiarity, I am thankful for not having to go there again. But stuck in this prison, those years were one of the best time of my life...

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