November 15, 2008

Sold Soul (a fiction of epic proportion) continues...

(This is an ongoing online novel started as a fictionalised events of my life. Its based on true events not all experienced by me but there were some total fictions too)

When I was on the dangdut club dance floor, I learned about a lot of things. I learned on how to look as if you are dancing but you actually are not. On how to grope the person you are dancing with but make it look as if it is unintentional. Take advantage of the girl that you are dancing with when the light was turn off for the slow dance. Between the dance sequence and the band playing, you could rest and cuddled with the girl you had chosen and tried to fondle her as much as possible.

That one girl that I met the first time I went into the club gave me her phone number at the end of our session together. I was taught by Z on the hourly rate of each club and the minimum that was always set by the club. The minimum hour for the club was 4 hours but Z was given the special deal by the Papa in which he was only charged on the exact time he spend inside the club and the key was to be in the club after 12pm. As clubs then were imposed with a 3am curfew, the club could only charge us 3 hours for the girls that we chose.

On that first day, Z had already secured himself a girl which he offered to send back to her house. She was an Indonesian with a PR status and was living quite near the club. We sent her home and I remembered how Z managed to ask for a kiss. A full kiss on the lip and not your garden variety peck on the cheek.

The girl was enjoying some sweets and Z asked her whether she has some more for him. When she answered in the negative, Z asked whether he can have the one she was chewing. She giggled at first then Z said what was wrong with that. They did dance and fondling each other before and sharing the same sweet was just taking it on another level. Z asked for her to passed it "like a bird giving its hatchlings some food".

I smiled hearing the exchange as I was driving and Z was riding shotgun. The girl leaned over from the back and seems to pass the sweet from her mouth straight to Z's mouth. He grabbed her and held her for sometimes before letting her go. That was how he stole a kiss from someone who wasn't really willing to kiss him.

From that day onwards, we frequented the club a few times and I also tried to have dates with the girl outside of the club. It seems that it was not that easy. Z explained to me that their acts were always deceptive. The idea was to get you to frequent them at the club. They would let you to fondle them, kiss them and even if you are good enough, make you sexually satisfied with their hands or mouth, but you will rarely get to date them properly. They could tell whether you are really from the moneyed crowd or just a poser with one glance. They will also exchange information with each other on the 'benefits' that you can give them.

Discovering all this didn't stop me from trying and I was left out cold a few times when I made dates with the girl and went to the appointed place that we were supposed to meet but discovered she had switched off her phone when she didn't turn up and I was frantically calling her for nearly 2 hours. When I went to club that night, she said that she had an emergency at home. I just smiled....

When after a few times she never turn up for the dates set, I asked her frankly whether she really wanted to date me and she told me frankly that do I want to have an affair with someone who is divorced and have 2 kids to feed. I understood at that moment what these ladies of the night had to bear, day in, day out. I was just a customer who was willing to pay for her time and she was working, trying to make ends meet, unlike me who was trying to have fun. There was also the prejudice of them willing to sleep around for whatever money they can make out of it. The first thing that they lost working at a place like that was humanity...

Reality bites..... Hard

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