November 17, 2008

Why driving like a maniac will help stimulate the economy

We were driving from Shah Alam to Seremban on Saturday night after both of us had a very tiring day. Right from the word go!, when we exited at the USJ exit from Shah Alam, there were cars racing with each other on the ELITE highway then down to the south on the PLUS highway. There were modified Kancils, Proton Saga, Japanese cars, Proton Wira and four wheel drives. There were not many luxury cars which join the race. Most Mercedes, Audi, Lexus and BMW that night seem to be on their best behaviour.

As they weaved in and out in front of me, I looked at my wife and we smiled. She then said "Let them be. There are a few business they could help. Tyre company. Workshop to service their car and not forgetting, god forbid, if they are involve in an accident...". "Yes, that's true. Come to think of it, we can list quite a few business. Even professional one" I said.

Don't let this happen to you, but if it happened, you can call those on the list below

Here is the list which we manage to come up with :-

1) Workshop - for servicing the car and repairing or 'knocking' (to use a Malaysian term) the dented parts;

2) Tyre shop - which change the worn and well-used tyres;

3) Spare parts shop - for various reasons;

4) Insurance company - for claims and higher car premium. From the CEO, shareholders and the officers;

5) Adjuster - to estimate damages;

6) Tow truck operator - to tow the car which breaks down or involve in an accident;

7) Banks - to finance the new car which will benefit all the people said in (4) and the public when the bank make money as the bank will lend more for other economic activity such as buying a house etc;

8) Lawyers - to sue and defend the driver/owner of the car according to their guilt;

9) Judges - to decide who's wrong;

10) Hospital or clinics or bomohs - to heal;

11) Nurses - to marry the dumbass;

12) Doctors - to euthanised the bastard;

13) Police - to summon the parties involved and delay in issuing their reports;

14) Politicians and top civil servants - to do various campaign and waste public money with regards to cars and accidents;

15) Firemen - to operate the jaws of life to save the buggers life;

16) TV and newspaper - to show the accidents in its full glory;

17) Radio - to warn off oncoming vehicle of the accident ahead;

18) Car dealers, tinting shop, rim shop and all those shops in relation to new car to replace the one involve in accident;

19) Crematoriums, funeral houses and Imam at the mosques to help bury the dead; and

20) Mamak, makcik kantin tepi balai - to serve those involve in accident drinks and food;

21) Bloggers - who bitch about them

Come to think about it, let them race as they do make the economy better with all these contributions.

As for me, I'll stay on the left lane unless I'm driving my other car....


Aznil AS Saari said...

They also benefit highway concessionaire. because they are willing to pay the toll just to get into the 4 lane to race.

also, once they knocked the divider, they will cause the concessionaire money to repair them, of which the concessionaire will pile in report saying their profit is not as expected due to high repair fee, so that they can increase the toll rate...

Horizon said...

Ok then we go race 2nite.. :)

julian said...

Don't forget the police, who can hand out fines left and right to speeding drivers... and the mamaks who sell kopi ;)

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