November 6, 2008

Tribute to Michael Chricton

I always read before I watch a movie adaptation and as much as I like to watch Jurassic Park, the idea that was presented through Jurassic Park the novel and the way it was presented differs greatly than the movie adapatation behemoth that it became.

I was also never really a fan of E.R. but the way it was presented again made me knew that there was an extraordinary man behind the stories.

I never read Andromeda strain, Five Patients or the Great Train Robbery and I rarely would go back to see some author earlier work. I would love to know them in the then and now. That was why my Crichton collections starts with Jurassic Park.

Disclosure, Rising Sun, Congo (his one earlier work that I read after the movie) and Timeline were all a different breed of political comments which were weaved with science fictions.

This past 5 years, his books made impact in the ideas that he presented through State of Fear, Prey and Next. The first is on superpower stiffled by non-existence apocalypse which showed Crichton coming to term with nature, Prey is on nano-technology and Next is the evolution. All are on nature gone wrong or is it us making them go wrong. All are still not made into movies.

So, get a copy and READ IT!!!

For me, his warnings were fair warnings and more of the like of him is needed.

Another one of my favourite author have died. It seems that the world is getting barren of these modern era great authors and the survivors have been transplanted in Japan and other countries. Murakami, anyone?

Maybe America need new crisis to get them going...

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