November 11, 2008

Sold Soul (a fiction of epic proportion) continues...

(This is an ongoing online novel started as a fictionalised events of my life. Its based on true events not all experienced by me but there were some total fictions too)

I am now in a Thailand prison where it is said that you only get a 50 :50 chances of survival at the end of your term. For me, who is a lifer, this does not matter. I longed for companionship but just not having somebody harass me by making me his pet brother who would be more like a sex slave, more than anything else, has made me thankful. I remember the joke about "dropping the soap" which my friends like to make in school about being someone's 'biatch...'. Its not a joke anymore once you are in unforgiving place like this.

It reminded me of that dangdut years when I frequented a place which I considered as seedy during those years. If I could turn back time, I would have done things differently by taking the chances that were presented to me whatever the repercussion. I was so cowardly then that I just let events passed me by...

It was in that place in Sentul I learned what was all the hoopla about dangdut was. Before that night, the only thing that I know about dangdut was name such as Amalina and it was originated in Indonesia. Roma Irama was even using dangdut as a way to promote Islam in Indonesia.

So, Z was determined to get me to come up with him to see this dangdut place that he had frequented once. I did tell you that his family have their own gang in Seremban right? It seems that there was this one time he needed to 'disappear' from Seremban for a while due to some unfortunate 'accident' which made the police looked for him. What he did was during his 'out' time, he was hiding at this girl's house in Sentul while working at this particular dangdut club as a bouncer. That was why he knew everyone there when we went there.

The place was on the second floor of a shophouse which took the whole of two units of the building. It seems that the ground floor were also rented by the owner of the dangdut but the shutters at the front of the ground floor units were never raised, even during the day. Those units could only be accessed from the second floor. Z explained that they were used as illegal gambling dens. It was also a lookout for any police raid on the dangdut...

When we were climbing the stairs of the dangdut there was this one girl who was walking past us and climbed the stairs in front of us. I commented to Z in a whisper that she was a looker and her ass looked nice as if there was no undies. Z immediately called up to her and said that I would like to sit with her. He also added that I was admiring her beautiful behind and it seems to Z she was wearing a g-string. At that moment, I was red in the face, but she was smiling at me as if I had given her a flattering compliment. She winked at me and walked up with a bit more swing to her hip. Wow, I thought, this must be a dream come true, to have a girl who was willing to accept a compliment with confidence.

When we got through the front door of the dangdut, we were ushered to a seat which was more like a circular couch which fronted an open space. There were mirror on the side walls and a live band at one end. The other end seems to be where the bar was and some other normal long sofa. We were given special treatments as Z knew the owner.

A man came over our couch and talked to Z. Z introduced me to him as 'Papa'. He was such a short man just bordering on being a dwarf but has a full hair and a good toned body. From his look, I knew he was not someone I could mess with.

Z explained I can asked any one of the girls as my partner for the night. I said no thanks as I was good. Z smiled and explained that you didn't come in a dangdut unless you take a partner. I relented and said to Z to just to get the girl we met just now. Z turned to Papa and explained to him the girl we had seen just now. He said we were being vague as we must have seen her in her 'normal' attire and as today was the day they have to wear a dinner dress, the girl must have changed.

He called out on a walkie talkie that he was holding for someone to "bring them out" and suddenly we were treated to a parade of 10 girls walking to the front of our table before going back to wear they were sitting at the back. I saw the girl from before and pointed at her. She was wearing this green blouse with a matching short skirt.I could just imagine what she was wearing under the skirt. Papa was complimenting me as he said that I had chosen a 'Top Girl'. I just smiled although I didn't understand the term and thanked him.

Z chose another girl who was tall and was wearing this black bareback gown with a slit high up until her thigh. We ordered some drinks from a waiter and asked for the girls to order theirs. They each ordered a glass of whiskey on a rock and a box of cigarettes. Z and I exchanged looks as we both don't drink.

All the while the music was blaring from the speakers and at around 11pm, there were these girls who come out of nowhere and started to dance to the music. It seems that the music came from the band who was on the raised stage and they were alternating through a few type of dance music like cha cha, rumba, dangdut and joget. All were music that you could dance slowly too. There were even a 'slow dance' number where the lights were switched off. That was supposed for the cue for those who wanted to cuddle as lovers to do whatever they wanted in the dark...

I was enthralled by these show of  various dances until the girl who I was fondling through her skirt and blouse asked me to go and dance. I declined but was finally coerced by her. I saw Z was already on the dance floor and he smiled at my courage.

That was the first time ever I was on a dance floor for whatever reason. The night was just starting...

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