January 11, 2009

Ongoing projects

I started something in 2008 and I still have not finished it until now. I still consider it a possibility in the early year of this new year to finish it within the first quarter  of this year as I have not received an offer to continue my lecturing engagement at a local university near my house. Although between September and November 2008, I had only 6 hours of lecture and tutorial, it didn't take too much of my time as I still managed to finish five out of eight modules in the course I take as my Master program.

So, one of my project have to do with my continuing education in Islamic finance which I believe is where my firm can have a niche in. As it is still just a very small part of the economy in Malaysia and in the world, there is still a lot of uncharted territory in Islamic finance. The ever popular personal loan and housing loan have led the way here in Malaysia and the winning of a Nobel prize by someone who use micro financing in Bangladesh have put Islamic finance in the eye of the world as one of the solution to the 'failure' of Western banking system. We may conquer the world yet, albeit in a more peaceful way, like in the time of the Ottoman.

My other project is the book I am writing which in this first week of 2009 is still in the back burner, where it was left since November 2008. I intend to finish that book and then finish the fictions that I am writing before I started on the other non-fiction which I already have in my head. Watching the news everyday, I know there is still a market for what I am about to publish. The publishers who have shown interest in it will be my next stop after I have finish it.

Those are just two of the personal projects I am to finish early this year. On top of the project which I have just started in my office which is to modernise my office with the file management system which we had invested RM30,000-00 of our money in last year. It is currently being use to its full potential by the department I am directly in charge with and not the other department which have nearly 70% of the bulk of the files in my office. If this system is fully implemented, worrying about staff or lawyer leaving us and taking their knowledge with them will be a thing of the past.

The whole of this week is about planning and as I have met the staff for the matter at the office and have my books in my pendrive for easy transmission and is just waiting for my result to register for the new semester to start at my university, I now just need the motivation...

Here we go, again...

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