January 23, 2009

Health farm dream...

I had an idea of a spa business once. My parents own this piece of land with undulating contour and a water source with some bamboo bushes overhanging it. There are also four abandon ponds which were used by my mother when she had this one phase where she was trying to rear some fishes commercially. Needless to say, it was a failure but the fishes are still there albeit in small quantity due to natural predators and humans who just can't resist free food. 

My spa business was supposed to be a health farm with a country farm home like what you would see in a ranch in America. Just a two storey building with an outside patio, where the people who stayed in it can have breakfast and at the end of it, a small pool which is will look more like a pond than an Olympic size one. The idea of the building came to me one day when I was watching Secret Window (the one where Johnny Depp had split personality disorder).

As the land is nearly 9 acres, which is enough for other buildings which are mostly chalets where the massage can be offered there. These buildings will be like the old Malay village house, build on stilts and there is a bath at the back. We would rope in local talent to offer real Malay massage where the pressure point is your blood veins and most who have experience it can attest rarely you will not scream if the thumb of the masseuse touch places where you withhold pain. That spa is not going to be a tranquill place only but we would also offer real massage which are known throughout the world as the sport massage.

As for marketing, the land is just 10 kilometres or 5 miles away from Malaysia main airport, the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Using the KLIA as a point and by tying up with hotels around town, the spa can tap the market of those who wants to have a relaxing massage while waiting for their plane. Or they can actually stay there if they want to.
Alas, the plan for the spa is currently on hold due to the current economic situation with a luxury spa being the a not so viable project for now. Trying to maintain a legal firm is one thing and starting a new business with a certain amount of capital expenditure is another. For now, it is just a dream...

For now, the land will be left alone with it's rubber trees and the ponds

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