January 2, 2009

2008, the comeback year_ Part 2

from yesterday's posting :-

8) The return of Liverpool by being a strong contender in the English Premier League and even holding off Chelsea and Manchester United. Will they go all the way? That remain to be seen;

9) The revisit to an age-old issue in Malaysian judiciary with the judges fired in 1988 under a sweeping move by the then government, which was said to be a blatant abuse of power, said various quarters, received a recognition of sort. In April 2008, the Bar Council and the federal government threw a dinner, attended by me as one of the insignificant invitees, to witness the government saying sort of an apology by giving them money. It did not stop the matter from being used as an issue to attack the present federal government;

10) The return of Malaysian former Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir, on the poltical front, after the lost of the 2/3 majority by the Barisan Nasional government, in which he launched his own blog as a platform to attack his predecessor and managed to make him quit, although it will never be admitted by anyone that he is the influencing factor enough to make the change;

11) The return of the Malaysian football team to oblivion after losing game after game to lesser known opponents, years before, who would have been whacked by the Malaysia team of 70s and 80s. Teams from Vietnam and Myanmar to name a few;

12) The return of Malaysia on the Olympic medal tally board when Lee Chong Wei managed to get a silver medal in the men's badminton single;

13) The return of the notorious Malaysian Bar Council to being a thorn in Malaysian government side like it did in the 80s when it raised so many issues that the politicians on the government side for them to join a political party so the politician would know how to deal with them properly;

14) The return of the recession in United States, Japan and other part of the world like in 1987 and even is said to be as bad as 1939. Unwanted by all but it did drive the necessary point of better money management and government intervention;

15) The return of the pirates to the real world. If the Pirates of the Caribbean was a box office hit on screen in 2007, the year of 2008 will be remembered for its Pirates of the Somalia who managed to elude even the most advance warship at the Straits of Aden;

16) Back in Malaysia, the return of glamorous court case like in 1998 (where the ex-Deputy Prime Minister was charged in court for various criminal charges in which he was later acquitted off) when all eyes were trained to Shah Alam court for the trial of Abdul Razak Baginda who was also acquitted of playing a part in the murder of a Monglian model;

17) The return of the importance of the sultanate to the Malaysian scene when they flexed their muscle either collectively or individually to ensure continuity in Malaysian politics by ensuring the people comes first;

These 2 days lists are just some that I remember vividly. Have you got yours?


Anonymous said...

I doubt Liverpool will go all the way.

Yes, they are top of the table currently, but football pundits has made it clear that all along, their performance is not worthy of the points. Just a little bad luck here or there( stevie G suspended) then we might be up to something different.

Title challenging different.

Das Connection

kruel74 said...

Yep Jordan, a title challenge is different what's with Stvie G involving in a fight and all...

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