January 26, 2009

Gifts for festive seasons

My office is currently migrating from our manual system of doing work to a better networking platform where many can share the same documents to ensure less mistake and one time data entry. This system also alert us on a client's birthday other than any time-sensitive event which need to be tended to by the person-in-charge. It just remind of the subject of festive seasons which have past and we are going to celebrate in Malaysia. Being of diverse culture, we have celebrated the second Eid for Muslim, a new year for Muslim, the anniversary of the birth of Christ for Christians, a new year for everyone and in a few days, Chinese New Year followed by Thaipusam for those who celebrates it.

For businesses, we sometime need to mark these events on calendar as we send gifts and hampers to our clients to show them we remember them during these times which are important to them and sometimes to us too. These gifts have been lesser in value now from the first time we sent them out due to economic reasons or the little significants that they now have in value for our business than they were once. Some people also just don't value the gifts that were sent to them as they receive so many everytime the festive season comes that we only give those who acknowledge our gift the next time we see them.

Some of those we make ourselves

We also changed on how we obtained the gifts. Once, we relied on premium gifts company such as Noel and bloomings.com in Malaysia where we just look at the catalog, tell them our budget then they will do all. Nowadays, we ourselves do the hampers and sent it using our despatches. To those who we value more, the partners will make our way to their offices and give them personally. Those who have their open houses during the season, we just bring it when we attend them.

As much as these gestures are just a small part in our relationship with our clients, it sometime make sure that our client realise that we appreciate the business they give and we know what event is important to them.


Jessen said...

Oh gosh... you reminds me about Valentine's present...

Ratty said...

I wish we in the USA celebrated more holidays. We only celebrate a few of the Christian ones, and our national holidays. We should recognize others as our population grows more diverse. I guess it starts with just one person.:)

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