January 3, 2009

Give it to me one more time

I wrote before that 2008 was the year of the comeback. The link can be found here - http://kruel-legalcat.blogspot.com/2009/01/2008-comeback-year.html. Most media seems to say otherwise when they call 2008 as the year of Change. Huh? They gave example of Obama taking over the Whitehouse and the change of UMNO presidency. I still think these 2 events does not merit in labelling 2008 as the year of change. All these two events are to happen in 2009, not 2008, so why did they hail these events as happening in 2008? 

Even the ruling government of Malaysia is the same although they were supposedly toppled in the 2008 General Election. There were only 5 states which had changed its government from the previous political party to a new one. Oh, make that four. One was already in the opposition's hand even before 8.3.08. Even after these change, it seems to me politics are just like it was before. Just as the ferociously vomit inducing fights between the oppositions and the ruling political party in the Parliament is the same. The opposition showed that although the opposition had control in 5 states, they are just as good in playing with the people's heart and soul as the old political party which controls the federal government. Just ask the estate workers and the NGOs. Did their fight become less harder after that eventful date of 8.3.08?

Internationally, Palestine and Israel still did not see eye to eye. USA is still a bully as ever. Iraq still being bomb left and right. Islam is still feared. That 70s Show is still on television. USA still control the economy of the world. USA still controls the United Nation which is more known as a toothless tiger than anything else. Football in the EPL is still being dominated by the same team. As is the Champion League. As is Euro 2008. As is the NBA and the NFL.

Maybe its the economy in Malaysia and even USA, which they hailed as changed from the euphoric high of the stock market which became just like what it was before in early 2007. Maybe its the oil price from a nose bleed high to the real price that it is supposed to be. Maybe its the way prices of essential goods keep on climbing until people cannot afford them anymore.

Maybe the change is the same way Malaysia underachieve in every front, be it sports, football, economically, politically or in managing our resources as a whole, although it seems that our youth is good in adapting to the way of Western life even in achieving spiritual enlightenment through modern religions and not those that their parents or the parents before their parents had embraced. Through internet and openness, youth are more open than their parents. Sex party are rampant, free porn from artistes and their partners, uncensored photos and even drugs related offences.

Sheesh.. if only they knew what their parents had experience in the 70s or even 50s when flower power and rock n roll had just made their presence known then. Even the song that Obama used as his clarion call for Change came from the 70s.

So, again, I ask, what Change? Nothing's change in 2008 except the for the hope of the people (which actually is the same like they have been hoping since the French revolution).

Maybe it is true what they say,

the more things change, the more things remain the same.


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Well done. I don't see any change coming either. It was all about getting elected. Period. Have a great day. :)

3POINT8 said...

well er....banks stop lending money to dodgy ppl. I'd say thats a big change.

kruel74 said...

Sandee : Politically wise yes. Other parts, there is still hope...

3POINT8 : Believe me when I say in Malaysia dodgy people still get their loan as if they deserve it

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