January 25, 2009

First class all the way

I had a few chances to experience what luxury mean to the chosen few. I have been to a few trips where there are VIPs in the group and the treatment that we received can be said to be first class all the way. I have been to London in a business class flight (which I know is not as great as a first class seats but close enough) and there we were driven around everyday we were there in an Alphard way before it was considered as a luxury transportation by the elite in Malaysia. We were also given theatre tickets every night to whichever West End show that was being shown.

Our accommodation? The Le Meridien Grosvernor Park where BAFTA is usually held as this hotel have the largest ballroom in town. This particular luxury travel was done for business sake and as much as I enjoyed it, it was still business. Imagine at one of the night we were there in London, my business partner and I were having a drink at the top of Hilton Park Lane and both of us were thinking of our own partners here in Malaysia.

So, last May 2008 was different. It was a holiday for my wife and I to the Pangkor Laut Resort which is considered as one of the most luxurious island in Malaysia and was endorsed by the late Pavarotti as one of the most beautiful island in the world. How did I find it? Being Malaysian, I actually knew better places in term of beauty but in term of luxury, it does have a lot to offer. Their food are well stock and if you are from outside of town, you would have been satisfied. That is the problem of doing luxury travel in your own country. It is hard to impress when you know what your country has to offer. If you never heard of Pangkor Laut Resort and planning a holiday around this area, do try it. If you enjoy sparse accommodation like what I did experience in Phi Phi Island, then that is the best and most beautiful island in my mind.
Here are some pictures :
In case you are wondering, this is sooooo not a paid post. Just to show the beauty of my country...

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Ratty said...

That third picture shows something I really like. A man made thing of beauty surrounded by all of that natural beauty.

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