January 6, 2009

RM56,000 bungalow in Bangsar?

My mother told me of a story of lost opportunity when she past the chance to own a bungalow house in Bangsar in 1967. The price of the house? RM56,000-00 for a bungalow. That bungalow was offered to her comes complete with furniture. Now, a bungalow in Bangsar would have cost anyone from a minimum of RM1 Million to whatever price you can think of.

Everytime we hear her story we will say to her that we would have made a killing in real estate price if she had bought that property then. However, as she is living in Seremban now in a quiet neighbourhood with the surau just down the road and the neighbours are all her old friends, I believe, the choice she made was just as good. Its just that maybe it would have been a good investment too if she had bought both.

Again and again, investment gurus had remind us to buy properties as part of our long term investment. During my mother's time, I believe there was only one type of property. That type was landed property and there was also no real enforcement on the property sector. Some people may scoff at the idea of the same thing happening now. Some may say you can only see that happen if you had buy property during the time that Malaysia was still known as Malaya. I beg to differ as there are still some opportunity to be made in real estate if you just study well the place that you are going to make your real estate investment in.

There are always potentials even now. Who would have imagine a place where horses were race can become KLCC. Who would know that Kota Damansara which was just a township started off by PKNS can be so jammed up as people flock to the Curve, day in, day out to experience its dining area and its ambiance. All these had made the property around Kota Damansara skyrocket and worth very, very much higher than the amount that people had paid for it earlier. These happen in just within 10 years time. So, it still can happen in these modern time.

There are still places out there which are hidden gem if you can at least see where the flocks are flocking too. Places such as Bandar Baru Bangi, Bandar Mahkota, Pinggiran Putrajaya, to name a few are still considered suburb but may changed to a proper township with hidden value in just 5 to 6 years. I would never have guess that 20 years ago, my own kampung in Salak Tinggi would have an airport as its neighbour and Seremban became so filled up to the brim that they have to make Seremban 2 as the new administrative hub for a few government office.

So, where is your Bangsar?


hauyoung said...

the RM value in the year 1967 i think RM56,000 in that time is more than RM1millon today.

last time my mother can have a lunch with 1cents... now 2009, with RM100, wht can u get? food for 2 or 3 days?

azrin said...

Mcm dulu I beli flat di Singapore for $35000 and sold for $220k

just over 10 years...

azrin @ www.azrin.net

kruel74 said...

Yes guys, just to make a point on the value of investing in properties, if you are patience..

Rambling Mind said...


Assuming that you're able to sell the house now at the following prices, the respective annualised returns apply:

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1,250,000 - 6.83%
1,500,000 - 7.25%
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The returns barely scratch 8% despite you holding a real asset for 47 years. I'd have thought that you'd probably get better returns from blue chip stocks in the stock market

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