January 20, 2009

My blog Top 5 (ala High Fidelity)

It seems that I have past my 100th post nearly more than 20 posts ago. It may have been the norm of writing everyday for the past 3 months had made unaware that I have past that milestone which I see many bloggers take as a significant milestone. I blog to have a space to tell my side of the story and more as an avenue to channel my own view than for any other reason. All the other things such as making money through it or having a readership by the thousands are just ancillary. Knowing me, this fad might not last.

So, I have managed to last for quite some time in this space called blogosphere. Here are the Top 5 post that I think worth mentioning :-

1) My first post titled 'Writing' published on 11 June 2008 - It is a rambling of a mind who just want to put what in his head on paper. No proper paragraph then but I edited it later to make it look good. My reader then was only my Facebook regular who I know in real life. If you have been there when it was first published, there was not even a feedburner or a hit counter on the page;

2) A story of how my kampung was lost to development published on 27th September 2008 - A kampung is a village and is one of the most significant place all Malaysian will know and rave about no matter they are in the world. I never been far from it more than a few months as my life revolves around it;

3) My first take on current economic climate published on 6th October 2008 - This piece was republished by eLawyer.com.my, a website specialising in legal jobs and information dissemination on law in Malaysia. It is actually my take on the greed of banks;

4) A posting which I did while driving using my Blackberry published on 29th October 2008 - This was about an event I attended in which the Malaysia Prime Minister and the Bar Council President traded barbs and amused an international audience who came for a law conference on Asia Pacific;

5) One of the most voted posting in a local aggregator site published on 3rd December 2008 where I list out the significant event that my firm had experience since its inception in 2000.


Ratty said...

All of them are great posts. Your writing is always interesting and entertaining. I hope you can do at least 100 more posts.

kruel74 said...

Thanks Ratty. Good to know that...

Anonymous said...

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