January 1, 2009

2008, the comeback year

For me and many other people, 2008 will be known as the comeback year. There was a lot of comeback that it is the most overused word to some. Here is my list :

1) Locally, the 8th of March 2008 will always be known as the comeback date for the opposition from oblivian. Led by the comeback kid of Malaysia, Anwar Ibrahim, they swept through the Malaysian political landscape in one swoop and won 5 states which no one, not even themselves, had predicted. They are as stunned as the governing political party and the warmonger had predicted chaos but no such things happened. Long live democracy! Then Anwar Ibrahim had to revisit his 1998 case when he was hit with another allegation of sodomisation;

2) At the other end, due to the failure of the young Turks who had made their presence felt in 2004 when they became the new faces of a 50 year old political party, elderly political bosses who ranged from former Chief Minister to those who was allegedly had scandals either of the money and sexual in nature, offered themselves for the party election in 2009. They garnered enough votes to show they still have it in them and proving that they never went away for good. For better or for worse, or even as the final nail in the coffin of that party, it remain to be seen;

3) The return of a politician who had to resign when he was literally caught with his pant down with the whole of Malaysia watching through CCTV. It shows that charisma and leadership have nothing to do with what is brewing in the bedroom and people will forgive your indiscretion if it doesn't affect them, too much...

4) At the movie, old characters were revived and given a new lease of life. Some like the X-Files barely made a dent but Indiana Jones, who people had write off as has been managed to garner a top ten number in box office collection, the Dark Knight saw the return of Batman which became the 2nd highest grossing movie of all time and James Bond still has the license to kill anything in sight albeit with lesser sexual escapades and gadgets;

5) At the music scene, the comeback of Britney is widely anticipated with varying degree of success from the overworked and over-sensationalised singer. Still, people buy her CDs;

6) As the international scene, protests and demonstrations made a comeback like in the 70s and this also spilled over to Malaysia with various NGOs used it as platform to make a point and then some. NGOs are now also known as the vehicles for politicians who lost states to the oppositions to show their leader that they are still serving the people, whether the people ask for it or not;

7) The return of the landslide at the same area in Malaysia. Bukit Antarabangsa residents which were hit by the Highland Tower tragedy in 1993 was hit again on December 6, 2008 when a section of a hill gave way and forced nearly 3,000 residents to evacuate. Fingers are pointed all around with politician using it as leverage to garner support;

To be continued tomorrow....

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