January 4, 2009

Everything return to normal

Tomorrow is the second working day of 2009 for some people or the first for some other. It is the first day of school in Malaysia and in some part is the second day. For the stock market and the financial sector, the first day of business was on Friday and it was said that there was a rally at the stock market which may change its momentum for the better.

Time to hit the road again early in the morning...

With the return of business communities to their work, the parents sending their children to school at the designated ungodly hour of 6.45am for most and the return of the traffic jam, everything will be back to normal. People will flock back to their favourite stalls in the morning ordering their favourite drinks. Working people will again lament about Monday blues and thanking god again when it's Friday. They will again feel that they are stuck at dead end jobs and wishing for better jobs. Politicians will be congregating to the Parliament and fight for the people that have elected them there or at least for those who have put their money in them.

Everything will be back to normal. Or are they?

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