January 31, 2009

Competition among colleagues

Nope, this is not about those times where you and a colleague try to see how many beer you can drink within a space of 10 minutes. Or that time where you bet on how many time your boss will call you in a day. Or how many MC you can chalk up before you get called in to see the management.

This is about sports.

About those sport events held by your office supposedly to let the staff to know each other and to embarass those who can't play any sports at all to save their lives. Bowling nights. Badminton. Fly fishing ala Boston Legal. Corporate social responsibility events disguised as a sport event. In Kuala Lumpur, there's one which are called 'The Rat Race' where participants wear offices attire while running the street as if in a marathon. My office never really participate or have these thype of events. We do sometimes join bankers who sometimes extend invitations to us to participate for bowling tournaments or other not too taxing sports. As my office mostly consist of female office workers, we rarely have enough participants and had to 'import' our player among the staff's friends and spouses.

Another sports related event which came to light among lawyers here in Malaysia a few years back was the badminton game between a Public Prosecutor and a judge which ends in the Prosecutor being taken off a case he is handling in front of the judge. That case involve a very high ranking government official hence the treatment of such insensitive conduct. It is actually a normal practice for Malaysian lawyers to have sports event with the court staff and judges. So, when we heard this, we actually question the rationale for it as rarely does a judge have anyone to talk to except with us lawyers as their conduct outside of the courtrooms are usually under scrutiny.

So, sports among colleague or rivals in court may turn into a career changing event...

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