January 7, 2009

Easy passing mark

I was told the stories of how hard it was to past certain papers in the course that I am taking. The lecturer kept saying "If you don't know this, you deserve to not get any mark" in the Pre-Examination sessions which I attended a few months ago. It seems that the lecturers were warned by the Head of Academic to be not too strict in their marking and their expectations of the students as most of the students in my class are part-timers who are working at various financial institutions which are supporting this university which was built under the initiative of Malaysian monetary authority. Most of them are also mature students who are already knowledgeable in their field but just taking the course to add weight to their resume. Heck, I found out during the seminar, one of my coursemate is an Islamic finance Shariah advisor for a few banks.

Its not that I am not appreciative of the lowering of expectations by the lecturers of us. Its just that I need the motivation to study more than the other as I come from my own firm which does not really doing Islamic finance per se with financial institution. This makes me out of touch with the people whom I meet more often at conference than any other places. These people also has their own clique from their company as most are sent by their company for this course which help them master Islamic finance more. Or at least gives them certification of it. As for easy passing mark, I don't think all the lecturers heeded the 'advise' by the Head of Academic as they seem to have minds of their own especially they were invited from various institutions to lecture on what they know best.

I also had experience in being the one who gives mark and believe me when I say if you put nothing on the examination answer sheets, it would not be easy for an examiner to just give any mark to anyone who turn up for exams but did not write anything. I was lecturing Business Law in a local public university last year for awhile and I found out as much as I want to let all my students pass, I had to fail a few as they turn in empty papers. Some I knew didn't even make the effort of turning up in class and was just barely there the whole semester. These students are better off somewhere else, if you ask me.

As for my own exam, I did my best in the examinations last December and I hope I can still maintain my never fail a test or exam record...

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