January 10, 2009

What the Matrix can teach you about management

This shows how much I love the Matrix
(ignore the surf board)

I was watching the cult classic movie, the Matrix (the first movie is way much cooler than the 2nd or 3rd) for the umpteenth time last Saturday when I realised there are a lot of lessons that can be learned from the movie. It may just be too farfetched but just hear me out and give me your two sens on it :-

1) Do not trust stranger. Trust yourself - Neo shouldn't have believe whoever send the message to go and find the white rabbit. He should have just stay put and just do his work. He needs to go to work tomorrow and perform his best...

2) He should not just answer a phone without knowing who gave him the phone. Imagine if that phone is a trigger to a bomb or something. You just cannot take something nowadays in this day and age where a handphone can be a trigger to something big. Maybe in 1999, they still did not imagine the consequence of a ringing handphone.

3) There is always an option - This is in reference to the blue pill or red pill dilemma.

4) Wearing a rayban in a dark place make you vulverable, unless you are Mr. Smith...

5) Never be distracted if you are in training - This is to the girl in the red dress when Neo was training in the Matrix simulator

6) Everything taste like chicken at one time or another and you don't need machine to tell you that.

7) You can learn kung-fu, if you train for it really, really well...

8) In the end, all that matters in a company is the numbers. Yes, after all you have work for for your company, all that is important is how much you have made and what you can bring home for yourself. The brand, the perks at office and the respect from staff? All are just the icing on the cake...

Ok, all these are not necessary apply to management or business per se, but it does seem interesting that a film like Matrix has so many things inside of it which seems to be an underlying message.

Till there is Matrix 4 -



Ratty said...

For some odd reason I have never seen The Matrix, even though I think it's probably my kind of movie. After reading your post, I think I'm going to watch it.

twenty-six said...

the surfboard really cute ah..then again, what the questions?

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