June 12, 2009

Am not the only 'old student'

Yesterday, I blogged about chambering students in general and the one in our firm. We have had 3 chambering students who graduated from the firm since it was established and I had the luck to have one of them as mine. However, due to the place which she had chosen to practice which is a good 300 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur, she was called to the Bar by someone else in the court of her hometown, Kota Bharu. I was invited but the call being on a working day, unfortunately I was not able to attend.

One day before the event of the call to the bar, I also had a bit of good news myself. I got the result of my three final papers in order for me to finish the theoritical side of my Masters degree. I was supposed to finish 14 subjects and this last 3 which I took at the end April were the last three to complete the number. I actually had a very nervous time taking the exams and was even apprehensively thought I just couldn't make the grades.

That was why I was ecstatic, at the expense of my office staff having to hear me shout and jumping in joy in the middle of the office when I found out I had passed 2 subjects and scored a distinction in one. It was the best present I could present myself, ever. It was kind of a test for me (which I like to do) to see how far can I go in taking an exam without really studying. I know, I know, it sound arrogant but the test was supposed to be for me and if I do fail, you will still hear it here.

What brought me down to earth was what happened during the call-to-the-Bar.

There were six chambering students including the girl I had mentioned yesterday who caused a commotion due to her being the daughter of the current Prime Minister of Malaysia. Two of them were men who were passed retirement age. I mean, they are old. As in more than 55 years old. I think one was 58 years of age, had 3 or 4 grandchildren and one was nearly 65. Okay, I know, there are a lot of senior students out there but achieving something at those ages are still something to be proud of. 

Being in the middle of 30s and thinking learning something new is way pass me, I never thought I will be joining their rank. At all. I was feeling safe owning a business and had felt safe in a place where I thought I could gain knowledge through experience. It was when I met a friend who is the same age of my father, which is north of 70s and was enrolled to learn at my university, I was inspired to enroll in my course. With Islamic finance being a passion and a growing industry, I knew that I didn't make the wrong choice.

To all the old students out there, KEEP IT UP and graduating is a reward in itself....

This was where called to the Bar was done in the old day, 
the Sultan Abdul Samad building, Kuala Lumpur's lamdmark

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