June 18, 2009

Does LASIK reduce the cost of seeing?

Yes, did you know that LASIK is an answer to spending quite a lot of money in wearing spectacle? As a bespectacled person since I was 8 years old, I should know. I have destroy a few spectacles since I have had to wear it. Even now, I am known to do that. Although I manage to stop destroying my spectacles, I do damage the lenses more nowadays as I love the one with coatings and all. In short, spectacles do not last long with me. 

Do any of you did what has been quite a rage for the past few years? Doing Lasik treatment? I am asking this question as I have seen a few of my friends who did it and seem to be satisfied with the result. There was even this one VIP whom I know did it when he was celebrating his 40th birthday as a present to himself. Then he went too far when he whiten his dark skin to too white and became a laughingstock of the whole nation. The LASIK part was very interesting as he is of a medical background himself. Who else would you take as a successful example if not the person who knows what it entails and did it.

There is a lot of talk about its effectiveness and the safety of the procedure. Actually, comparing doing a LASIK surgery and most of plastic surgery (as a comparison, not saying LASIK is plastic or vice versa), it is quite safe. Lasik is fast, and your eyes heal easily. Compare to skin grafting, liposuction et. al. 

I think I want to do it after seeing those who did it now can wear those aviator glasses which a person who has high powered index and estimatism like me cannot wear. And I will look cool too...



Mother Goose said...

I have not been bold enough to have LASIK myself but I know a lot of people who have. Each and every one of them is extremely happy with the results. One woman even had some problems afterward but said she would happily do it all over to be able to see without gasses.

Kelvin said...

i wanna do it too but there is no skin on the eyeball of on my left eye...peel off during an basketball match sob:(

Mat`amiT said...

lasik ehh...quite interesting

kruel74 said...

Yes, LASIK has a lot of good stories but for me, I am still a scaredy cat

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