June 26, 2009

The celebrity blogger at PJ Challenge Bloggers 'K'arnival

This posting and a few other will be a proper dissection of all the presenters at the Bloggers gathering which happened on the 20th of June 2009 called PJ Challenge or Bloggers 'K'arnival. For the postings on the happening of the whole event itself, you can check it here. As this is my first dissection, I am not sure how many part will this posting be. I have a few other events to post and if I dissect all the events according to speakers, as I attended or attending  many event which has to do with business or blogging, I am not sure how many posts I will do, yet. Just keep on checking this blog as the 411 class on blogging at the PJ Challenge was a very good event.

The Blogging 411 was started off by the well known Malaysian celebrity blogger, Kenny Sia, who owns and operates Kenny Sia.com and was delayed by his flight for nearly 2 hours as he transitted in Singapore before coming to the event. It was great for him to come from his hometown, Kuching, Sarawak, which was another island altogether from West Malaysia. I think he had done a few of this blogging talk but the audience that day was one serious crowd. We wanted to know what is his take on blogging and he did not dissapoints (unless those who were there wants to say otherwise)

The problem with blogging and real life, people tend to think that what you write is you. Sometimes, they saw something you write 2 or 3 years ago and think that you are just some punk who knows how to write and is popular among the girls. This was what happened to him.

He started off by putting up a slide of the lifecycle of a blogger, which I can't remember (they should have provided a printout or posted it one the web). He did say that when he started blogging, he hid the fact from his family. Due to this, we he was 'discovered' he had a few conflicts with them who couldn't understand what blogging was all about. I bet nowadays with cases like Raja Petra and a few others, bloggers will all be label as deviant and threat to society as even in Parliament they are discussing about bloggers.

Anyway, Kenny did show the audience a few dark side of blogging like the issue of Comment Flame when he was arguing in one of his post about an accident which he was one of the first person to arrive and the person was badly injured. There was also the issue of bloggers fighting in cyberspace and he used 2 bloggers from our neighbouring country as an example in which one accuse the other of plastic surgery which started off the war. There was a term for it, which again, I forgot.

He was informative and what I like is the fact he presented his talk like a class. I mean, I never though blogging as something you can teach but seeing that presentation and reading a lot of blogs, it actually can be a course in itself.

That was the start of the class and the others were actually paired together. It was a great start...


Ratty said...

This sounds like an excellent event to be able to attend. Most of us learn about blogging as we go, but a few tips from people like him can be very helpful.

berbagicerita said...

good celeb blogger for community....thanks!

Eric Lim said...

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I'm still learning how to blog!

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