June 28, 2009

Blogging and Law II (and I was the moderator)

I have just came back from Penang, called the Pearl of the Orient, in which I was the moderator/speaker for an event called :
I was asked to be the moderator for the event and talk a bit about what is the meaning of being a lawyer and a blogger.

I actually am to tired to blog as I drove nearly 6 hours for a drive that couyld have been 4 hours as I was asked to stop at many stops. I brought my mom and my wife you see as Penang is also known as a food haven and shopping heaven for a few things, which are mostly food related too.

Anyway, I was asked to talk about blogging from a lawyer perspective which I did try my best to give and I was not sure, even now, what was the reaction to the talk I did. I think when I was giving the talk, telling about how I became a blogger, my perception of bloggers before I became one, the type of bloggers that I got to know, how it gave a satisfaction of its own and how it actually started off by eLawyer owner, Eddie Law himself, I saw a few reaction from the audience. Some were connecting but some seem to expect more.

Then at the end of the session, in which I gave the floor to two persons, a lawyer by the name of Foong, who is also a blogger, who talked about blogging and intellectual property and another lawyer, by the name of Stephen Tan, who talked about blogging and defamation, I was surprised to have a few of the members of the audience approached me, asking for my card and telling me, maybe if they ever held some event, they might ask me to come. And then, one of the person who seemed bored told me, he actually want to hear me telling the life of the blogger. Maybe, it came from the fact I told him I blog everyday in 2 blogs. Maybe that is a feat in itself, which I found to be not really a problem.

Anyway, after the 2 presentations, there were quite a lively Q&A session. I think it was a good session as we actually had this group called citizen journalists within the audience who were there to know how to skirt around the law when writing about sensitive issue.

I want to write a more comprehensive post later as what Foong and Stephen Tan presented were really good as they both have the experience of their own on the matter they presented. The Q&A was also something else as we gave them our frank opinion on certain matters. Too frank perhaps.

As the last blogging and law was made into a CD for sale, which you can order here, I hope this one will be available too.

The auditorium


Anonymous said...

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Ratty said...

Because you had a few audience members approach you afterward, you must have done well. Those few mean that at least ten times as many were very interested, and even more liked it.

kruel74 said...

indavao - Tq for coming

Ratty - I guess so. Hope it was really genuine interest

Neo said...

Cool. I thought you could share more photos from the forum :)

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