June 8, 2009

Online life v. Offline life

I have been meeting a few people recently whom I wouldn't have met have I don't start a blog nearly a year ago. I met them through gatherings which did not have anything to do with blogging but I know them as I frequented a few events by bloggers and I introduced my self as a blogger. Most of the time, they are quite an important figure in their field and this has helped me break the ice. I mean, by having blogs, it was a good ice-breaker and I easily find common ground to talk with them.

However, blogging also takes time and the first person affected is the spouse of the person who has a blog. Especially if the spouse does not has a blog or has a blog but is not into going for events which have anything to do with blogging or does not blog seriously. One other thing is the attitude of considering having a blog is like a stigma which one does not want to be associated with making them not introducing themselves as bloggers. 

I had an interesting conversation yesterday with a celebrity blogger wife who said her husband's life is 24 hours online. My you, this is one busy man who has project every other day and does not really has any free time. He is a big Twitter advocate and after meeting him 2 weeks ago, I have become close to him due to Twitter. In one part of the conversation yesterday, as the celebrity himself joined me, his wife and my wife kind of interviewed us on what is Twitter is all about. We told them that nowadays, if you subscribe to certain news Twitter service, you might get news earlier than any other media as the reporters use Twitter to tell a breaking news even before they file a report at their station. I quoted a few event like French Open, the David Carradine death and a few others which I knew through first before other news media.

So, I believe, although many bloggers who blog constantly and prolificly like me may tend takes too much time online, especially if, like me, you have a Blackberry or any device capable of taking you online anywhere, there are still many other benefit which you can gain if you know how to take your online life to your offline life. It will even be beneficial to your work. 

If you know how to use it properly...


rei99 said...

i think its about time for u to have your own domain

kruel74 said...

Still learning, will do it once I am confident enough

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