June 15, 2009

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2009

I volunteered to join this :

in which it was held in Malaysia for the second time after last year's success. I did not aware of that succcess and only knew of it when I went to TEDx Kuala Lumpur (you can read about that here) in which, the founder of this movement in Malaysia, a certain Dash, briefed us on what is GEW is all about. This year, it will be held on 16 to 22 November. Although that is the official date, all event can be considered as a GEW event if the company (called a partner) register and follow all the rules on the website of GEW. So, it can be done the whole year, right up to the date of week itself.

It may seem that it was targetted at youth and entrepreneurs but there was no hard and fast rule on who or how one can contribute. The best thing about it, it is all around the world and is supported by the Kauffman Foundation in USA. Dash went for a kind of a world congress which was a kind of a host country. Oh, by the way, no one gets any money, including the host country, even the partners. So, what do one get out of it? It seems that the benefit is the exposure one gets as you will be known through the websites and all the media the event is publicised.

I have a few ideas on how to approach this event which is a bit complicated and need another institution as legal firm in Malaysia has very strict rules which it has to follow on advertisement. This even include any good cause a legal firm is involve in (I tell the ridiculousness of it in another post). I am hoping to tap this event for exposure it can give me. As for now, I need to refine the plan and present it to a client of mine which I know is always involve in matter like this.

Sponsors and participating companies

The briefing last Friday the 12th of June

The man who is in charge of it all, Dash...

The breakout session where we contribute our ideas...


Ratty said...

Because you do so many good things like this, I have begun to try to open my eyes and look for things like this where I am. Maybe they won't consider me qualified, but I can try.

kruel74 said...

I hope to keep it up...and intensify more of these


wow..i really wanna to participate in this occasion!!!
How..any idea?


really wanna to participate like this occasion next time!

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