June 14, 2009

"Fight!' at Help University College...

It was a very bad incident especially when it happened at a university ground. The language used was beyond bad and if any faint-hearted people heard them, I bet they will close their ears in the first few minutes. When it was over, those who were involved in it was quizzed and then finally let go. All of them had their picture taken and some have made it to the internet.

It was not real fight that had taken place. It was fights that happened on screen with regards to schoolgoing children. It was a movie of epic proportion but has limited release. I managed to catch it thanks to an invitation by a friend who booked the seats for my wife and I.

Yes, it was the premiere of the movie 'Gadoh!' or Fight! which is an independent film by a talented directors and writers. Their background hailed from theater and the realism that they have been associated with was brought to the screen and it translated well. However, due to the nature of the issue being presented and this realism, it may never be shown to the general public. Yes, we are still a conservative country which censor our films as we still control what our citizen should or shouldn't see or hear. Although we never censor our internet. Which is basically where everyone get their dose of whatever nowadays.

The uniqueness of the event of this screening was the Q&A session after the showing of the movie between the audience and the cast and crew. It was a unique opportunity to hear the audience telling their own experience in school and even some who criticised the movie directly to the writers, directors and producers. The cast was actually given a clean endorsement, which I tend to agree, as they were amazing in it.

As they seem reluctant to bring the movie to general public, I urged them to go the way of a few other shunned film directors who went out and show it at film festival across the world and gained recognition and fame. I just hope some of them will realise this.

It was a movie on the racial divide facing children in schools  in Malaysia which tries to integrate them but due to the authorities, their parents and society itself, they thought that they are supposed to be like what they are. That was until one of their teacher realised that they need guidance and she used theater as the approach. Through this theater class, they learned to accept each other and the finale where they staged a play was priceless. However, they still fell to human prejudice in the end and that was what hit the mark as their fight was just beginning.

All I can say is Bravo and hope they can go far with this movie. They are making their rounds in universities in Malaysia and if they do arrive in your campus, do not, I repeat, do not, miss it. You will be amaze of how much it reflects the reality...

The poster of the movie
The cast, director and producer answering question
It was lighthearted although the subject was heavy
The joker in the cast, a hippy, Pan-Asian man...


Ratty said...

This movie would work well in the US. I don't know if it would be a hit or anything, but the story sounds like something that could happen here.

kruel74 said...

I think this is more Sundance stuff but there are those who likes it. Consider it like Dead Poet Society

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