June 27, 2009

Hints for those who haven't seen Transformers 2

A diorama of Transforners at the cinema
So that I honour the request of a few of my friends who don't want me to reveal anything and knew I have watched Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen on 24.6.09, two days after it's premiere in Malaysia, this is my hint review of the movie. I am going to relate it to other movies which have ever graced the screen and you can understand it when you see the movie. 

And one more things, those who wants to see deep movie or things that most who love this movie and the first one, should understand something. This is a movie about ROBOT ALIENS and was inspired by a line of toys. The second name which came after SKG in the movie was Hasbro, the forgotten toymaker. They made millions from this franchise. So, please understand the IQ you need to appreciate this movie. It is supposed to be for kids or the kid in you. Or that man who still awaiting puberty when you see Megan Fox. Period! Do not go deeper than that. And those who thinks that Michael Bay is racist due to what he did to a few characters in it, I think is thinking WAAAAYYYY to much...

Go watch DEPARTURES which you can find the review here, if you want deep.

Here is the review in hints (not in chronological order) :

1) Indiana Jones : The Last Crusade;
2) The Matrix;
3) Baywatch;
4) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory;
5) Star Trek;
6) Night at the Museum 2;
7) 10,000 B.C. or Year One (depending on which you like)

8) Donald Duck nephews
That is it. If you cannot place the movie I mentioned and a scene you can ask me about it. I may answer your comment a bit late as not to spoil those who still haven't seen it. Or I may miss certain nods to other movies. Do tell...
And I am gonna watch it again, and this time on IMAX. (do not scroll down if you don't wanna read spoliers)

Bumblebee ask you to watch this movie
My only complain is that when Devastator came on, he only said :

He is supposed to say :

That was how I remembered it when I watched it back then. That is my favourite part...



thank you for being considerate and not posting any spoilers. I have been careful to avoid review blogs of the movie because I was worried if important plots and twists were revealed in the posts.

kruel74 said...

No problem. I know some people hate it when people tell all the things that happen in movies they haven't seen

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