June 4, 2009

Who is this TED guy?

I was invited on Wednesday for a session call TEDx. I was actually puzzled when I first heard of this thing called TED as I never knew what it was. Ever....

I mean, who is this Ted guy? Why is he so famous? Does he speaks anything relevant to me?

How I start to know TED was through another person. Last Friday, I met a new friend called Kid Chan. He is famous around the world as a wedding photographer. Yes, that type of photographer. We met at an event where the   From that day, I was exchanging twitter with him. Even up to my Sunday programme which is about whether I should go shopping or just lay down in bed. I find Kid is a hilarious guy, but knowledgeable too.

Suddenly, on Tuesday, I got a message in my Facebook from a group which I joined called Malaysian Entrepreneur. They did have events all year long which I never joined but thanks to Kid, I was intrigued to see what TED is. So, I send an email to register one day before the event. And I got in. I was ecstatic (without knowing why)

I found that day that TED stood for Technology, Entertainment, Design. They are a website which asked people to talk not to just the audience in front of them but they will then spread it througout the world using their website after taping them. Seeing it live was awesome. Check it out more at TED.

But, a caveat here. That event on Wednesday was not a TED event. It was an endorsed event which is called TEDx (notice the X there). The speakers were of diverse background. There was Kid Chan (the photographer), Yasmin Ahmad (the storyteller, according to her) and a few others. One of the most intriguing and got a standing ovation was a blind guy from India, who is advocating open source software by the name of Krishnakant Mane. All of the speakers were impressive and hail from all over Asia. 

I urged you to follow these guys closely and I bet you will be intrigued too. As for me, I just can't wait for another TED or even TEDx event.

HERE are some pictures :

The venue

Clockwise : Daniel (the person who brought TED to Malaysia); Yasmin Ahmad (Malaysian filmmaker); Krishnakant Mane (an advocate of open concept from India) and Kid Chan (celebrity photographer)

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Ratty said...

You had me wondering who TED was too. I'd love to be able to go to things like that.

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