June 20, 2009

Is eBook the way to go?

I am in the middle of writing a book. I am writing a book about questions you should ask your lawyers when buying a property. Especially your first property. It will only apply for property in Malaysia. It will be when you buy a property from a developer. I know this is too revealing which make it easy for anyone to just write the same thing but I am not really concern about that. The same like I don't mind if my writings or the pictures suddenly turn up in another person's blog. If you want readers and you have a blog, expect it to happen. I don't have time to fight a losing fight like a man trying to fight Devastator (which you will meet in the coming Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen).

This book has been written halfway, I have finished nearly all the questions. The answer part, that is the problem. My problem in writing is trying to write facts. I always write on the fly. Even in my thesis and my assignments for my degree and the current Masters degree. Hey, it got me where I am. I think even when I still write my own affidavit, I hate referring to books, especially those which falls under the title textbook.

However, while I have written this book to be published by publishing houses, which are mostly still in negotiation with me (which made me ecstatic as someone wanted to publish a book I written), I am thinking of publishing differently. This idea comes as I start written blogs. I have new respect for bloggers and the way people disseminate information through them. I have hanged out with the bloggers who are bordering towards the academic and those who did it for fun. Both have their own motivation. Heck, just now, I was at a bloggers carnival (the first in Malaysia? It claimed) and I was blown away how these bloggers becomes what they are. I will write the full story on it tomorrow.

So, any ideas on eBook? Anyone ever read them. I don't. I only read blogs. I work full-time as an entrepreneur and this is enough to fill my 24 hours. My wife has just understand this whole bloggers thing and before this was kind of critical of my blogging hobby. eBook will be another step for me. Either to read them or to publish on them. I have even approached a friend who does publishing on eBook. I might just go that way. Here is a link for some eBook if you want to check it out or you are looking for some good read - eBook Search Queen.   




Aron Sora said...

I love E-books. First, they are searchable, which makes E-books much more useful for reference. Second, I can carry thousands on my blackberry and have them at my fingertips. Third, good E-books will be constantly updated and changed, see you have the best information available. Lastly, I think the kindle and other e-book readers are taking off. I see people with the kindle all over the place, the way we read and publish is changing.

Aznil AS Saari said...

e-books, i have plenty, but reading it on lcd screen over long hours really strains the eyes. i think with the e-book reader like kindle and sony prs-505, it would be better. I am waiting for the Sony PRS-505 since it can read pdf. kindle to limited to amazon....

Ratty said...

I read a lot of eBooks but I don't know anybody else who does. I usually read old ones that have become public domain. As far as your publishing, there is an author I read, Piers Anthony, who talks about publishing a lot on his website. He recently said to go for the traditional publishing houses if you can. There isn't as much money in eBooks quite yet. By the way, if you've never heard of him, his books are very similar to Terry Pratchett's.

BobbyT said...

Seems like you have got a solid idea for the ebook and with your legal knowledge, you can easily write about other topics too (related to law and acts perhaps).

You can publish it both as an ebook and a physical book, if you could come to conclusion with your publisher. It has been done before, there are various ways to promote yourself and your work if you could retain the rights to distribute and republish your writings as ebook. You could run an opt-in mailing list, give away ebook with confirmed physical book purchase or send out part of ebook free so that people will know what to expect in there.

As for physical book, I recommend promoting it online too, mark up the price for a free ebook, a video, or a software and your signature on the book. Good luck!

Sorry for the lengthy comment, it is something I would want to do, if I am publishing ;)

Heryrhey said...

I like E-book to learn and tks 4 u information

kruel74 said...

Aron - I don't know you can do that with BB, need to learn that and the tip on updates is important too

Aznil - Thanks bro for this info, need to get one...tell me ya...

Ratty - Will look for that Pier Anthony guy

Bobby - Thanks for sharing and for the lenghty comment. Do comment again

Heryrhey - Thanks for stopping

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