June 13, 2009

Heard of Panerai watches before?

This is not a Panerai but an Ulysse Nardin, which cost millions

I had a few experience in going to events showcasing expensive watches and I had the chance to see even a wristwatch worth nearly the price of a house. Costing nearly a cool million USD, that watch is more of any investment than a watch you where to work or play. You can see that posts here about a RM3.7 Million (USD$1 Million) wristwatch.Of course, that watch by Ulysse Nardin do comes full of diamonds and all.

However, for quality wristwatch, you cannot go wrong with Panerai. That is the most quality known watch which does not rely on precious stones or in some cases, the casing which it comes in. Some watches are put into Faberge egg just so they can sell it higher. For Panerai, it is all about movement and you can bet that the complication of these watches will be the best in the market. For afficiandos, owning a Panerai is the ultimate dream. It does not cost you an arm and a leg but it can set you back into the region of RM50,000-00 and above (or USD$10,000-00 up), but the quality you get, it may be the best investment of a luxury item you will ever make.

Although, as most seasoned bloggers would have guest, this is a paid post, I have a dream of owning a luxury watch as one of my investment. I have set my first investment to be between RM5,000-00 to RM10,000-00 (USD$1,400-00 to USD$3,000-00) and I am hoping to buy it within this year as I reach the middle of my 30s. Hey, a guy can always dream right....

This coming month also see me going for an unveiling of another collection which I never heard of and I am hoping to learn more about luxury watches. Or I might just buy it here at watchuwant.com.

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Ratty said...

That's a lot of money. I hope to pay $50 for a hiking watch. That would be the most I've ever spent on a watch. :)

j or ji said...

gred A imitation watches will cost u around rm500.any brand.yes.at KJ.

ada 2,3 Datuks beli kat situ.and if datuk2 yg pakai, nampak semua ori dan mahal.

Frank Muller for rm500..sebijik!

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