June 25, 2009

How not to launch a new car... (BMW Z4 post)

This is the post about the launch of the new BMW Z4 at the Pavilion Mall on Friday, 19.6.09, which was one day later than the official launch date of BMW Z4 in Malaysia. I managed to tag along although I was not invited. Although I hold a valid lifestyle card which coincide with BMW. My business partner got the invite and I tagged along. Just to see what the difference did BMW made to the James Bond car. The invitation gave a choice for us to come on 18th or 19th and as 19th was a Friday night, we chose that date as we can straight away go paint the town red afterwards.

The problem with the launch of a car, it is always not that exciting. I have seen a few BMWs or other cars being shown for the first time but this one really takes the cake in being unimaginative and boring. The launch. Not the car. Give me the car any day, and I know how exciting my life will be...

Z4 was launched in German with a partnership with a street artist by the name of  Robin Rhodes from South Africa. He use things to paint while people can interact with the art and in this case, he used the tyre of the BMW to paint on a very big canvas. See the BMW on top with some supposedly paint at its tyre? That was how the painting was done. I got to know of this fact thanks to the BMW magazine I received 2,3 days before the event. 

So, that was what I imagine how the event will go on. How wrong can I be. There were food, which were excellent. Adoring crowd which I bet were full of who's who if only I can get my hand on the guest list (Malaysian VIPs tend to want to not be recognised). There was the car (3 of it in which 2 were for the crowd to play and take picture with). There were the door gifts, which I will recycle for my staff. There was the fashion show. And was it. Oh, and a speech by one of BMW people.

Where was the art in the whole equation? Oh, I bet they think it was too dangerous to do that in a mall. Can't they at least call some artist which can imagine something up? I mean, this is a roadster which James Bond totalled in one or two film. Have some imagination guys. You are supposed to be the ultimate driving machine.

If I ever buy the car, it wouldn't have been because of this 'exciting' event...

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Wan Kah said...

OMG!!! BMW! my favourite car!!

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