June 6, 2009

Malaysia Airlines is really trying hard

Still on the subject of Malaysia Airline System after 3 days, I just got a letter from the Malaysia Airlines Travel team which was the team that held the talk by their CEO on Tuesday which I had blogged about. You can check that post here.

And now, I got a thank you note, which of course is a by-the-book public relation must do. It was very surprising as I had been attending a few events (thanks to my work and blogging) which were held by conglomerates either by local companies or foreign ones and their hospitality rarely extend outside of the event. Some even are trying to sell things to me but the personal touch is not there.

Maybe a company which handles million of passenger per day has to be this good in PR. Whatever the reason, it was nice though...

Here is the letter :

Keep up the good work...

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