June 7, 2009

Life is what happen while you are busy

I heard this somewhere in a film or a song, which I cannot remember. I think there is some truth in it as you put your shoulder to the grind or when you try to be a part of the rat race in one of those place where people do just that to get by. Or it can also happen when you are jetsetting all over the world, trying to chase deals or making sure the company you owned or work for will be turning a profit. You will be lost in just trying to have what you are doing makes real meaning to you. Sometimes, you even just go through the motion of doing what you are doing everyday just to get by.

So, as you are busy doing all these, birthdays happen. Weddings. Deaths. Fall in love. Fall out of love. Friendship. All the normal things that happen to human. Some you are well aware of. Some you just don't care. Some are those you bring around, wearing it on your sleeve and becomes a part of you. Some you just discard and put it far away in your mind.

As much as these social things are not a priority to some, they will intrude once in a while. Then, you will know the real purpose why you give your all to the work or to whatever you do to get by. So, don't let them pass you by without savoring the moment. Whatever or  whoever or wherever it is.


Ratty said...

Yes, the important thing to do is live life as much as you can. When time seems to slow down is when you need to do more. Nice post.

kruel74 said...

Thanks Ratty though it is not that original

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