October 12, 2008

I Got It from My Mama

I am known to be quite vocal when I talk to my mother. There is this one friend who keep on imitating how I speak to my mother in a Negeri Sembilan slang "Yo lah, Khairul buek lah nanti!" which basically means "Ok.... I will do what you ask me too!" although I have very weird Negeri Sembilan slang as I never learn to speak it properly and I don't really speak Negeri with my mom.

I am also known to talk passionately and quite animatedly if I found a topic to my interest. In short, I am loud and obnoxious at certain times if I want to make a point on something. My wife was quite surprised when she married me and went back to my parent's house for the first time. Before that she had always complained that I talked as if I want to pick a fight. Then when she saw my whole family talked as if we were fighting, she understood.

My family loves arguments and cannot seems to let anyone else have their say unless they say it first. Our dining table can sometimes can be too much with shouting matches being wages all around. And that does not count when we are in a car together.

Most of my arguments does not hold water at all. I've learned that when you shout the loudest, people may let you win. Just to make a point, pardon the pun, I think this is why our Parliamentarian nowadays love shouting just to make a point across. And this is also where I have learned to argue coherently and speak with confidence in a public forum.

I Got It From My Mama...

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