October 10, 2008

Its fiction...

As much as I love to say my life is THAT interesting, I just want to clarify certain matter. I am writing a fiction when I label something as fiction in this blog. It may jog some memories of yore for those who read it because some may think the fiction does have some truth in it. I confess they were taken from some true event in my life but not all are true.
I've seen an episode of the L Word, of all places, where a character in it who was a writer, was warned by her teacher in a writing class that the best fiction is where one fictionalised totally the writing. As an amateur, I would like to use blogging as platform for my creative juice to flow and as my first fiction, I would like to have the artistic license to use my own experience in molding the story.
I hoped my readers are entertained by it and I would love to hear whether it struck a cord in you. From next week, I am going to add another fiction written in Malay titled 'Hari-hari Terakhir Seorang YB'.

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