October 30, 2008

Sold Soul (a fiction of epic proportion) continues...

(This is an ongoing online novel started as a fictionalised events of my life. Its based on true events not all experienced by me but there were some total fictions too)
After following my uncle to a few places, mostly to southern  Thailand and a hill resort up north, I was given the chance to handle a few cases for him. Although these cases were not the normal sale and purchase agreements that I was hoping to get, I was thankful just the same. The cases required me to go to court, defending my uncle from debt collector. He was the type who wouldn't pay anything if he thought he could get out of paying for it.

One day, his sister called me to ask me to handle a new case. I had never dealt with the sister before. I was intrigued to say the least. From what I knew, the sister was the one who handled the family's investments. The property company was only 50% owned by my uncle but the sister handled all the other investments which they owned 100% of. I heard that they have a few factories and a hospital. The hospital, coincidently was in a building in front of my office building. I have met my uncle there a few times.

When I went to meet her, there was a man with her. The sister introduced me to Dr. K. She explained that Dr. K is the chief surgeon of their hospital. She then went on to tell me about their plan of expanding their medical business in the Klang Valley which was then non-existence to become a medical franchise. The medical franchise would have a pioneer clinic in Petaling Jaya and then would expand little by little in other part of the Klang Valley.

I was unimpressed at first as I thought they were only looking for me to be a panel of a bunch of lawyers who will be on call if and when any legal advices were needed. When I was just entering the business community of lawyers, being appointed as one of the panel of lawyers of a company made me thinking that I would be receiving files like an avalance. When I was told that being appointed as a panel lawyer does not guarantee me files, and I have to work my charm on the people who distributed the file, I realised the long hard work that waits ahead. So, it was the same when the sister told me her intention of meeting me.

She asked me to go to PJ and meet a man with Dr. K. It seems that the clinic was already in existence and renovated. Their target operational date was 2 months away.

We were told to go and meet the CEO of the franchise clinic company. He was currently based in the PJ clinic and as I don't have that many appointments to attend to, the next day I was already driving to it.

I didn't prepare myself for anything when I went there. I drove my Proton and using the map drawn on a piece of paper to guide me there, I arrived for the appointment at aound 5pm. As I always loved the idea of killing 2 birds with 1 stone, I had also set a date with one of the girls I was dating. The girl who was a junior in my university and I would stop by later at where she was living in the university town to have dinner with her. I just hoped that she would not go out with her boyfriend if I was late.

I arrived at the place which was a an bungalow painted in yellow. It was just beside the LDP highway and was visible

I was told to wait for a while and saw a few people running around doing so many things. There was a delivery van delivering a machine which looked like a photocopier machine, a guy who couldn't be more than twenty going in and out of the clinic and several girls wearing nurse's uniforms. I waited for nearly 1 hour and at 5pm the guy came to where I was sitting and intorduced himself.

"Hi! I am N, let's get somthing to eat. Do you eat Chinese?", he said and then a Chinese lady came out of a room and said "Hi, you must be the lawyer. I am the wife. Let's go. You will like this place"

That was how I met Mr. and Mrs. N.

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