October 6, 2008

Sold Soul (a fiction of epic proportion) continues...

(This is an ongoing online novel started as a fictionalised events of my life. Its based on true events not all experienced by me but there were some total fictions too)

I want to fast forward to the time I was globe trotting around the world in places I had dreamt of visiting since I knew how to board a plane. Although I have more stories from mu university days, these travel stories are more interesting. In this prison, I can only imagine if I am given the power of flight to get over these high walls.My first time in a plane was when my parents put me on a planer from Subang Airport in KL to Senai Airport in Johor on my own to let me experience what flight was all about. I was attended to by a stewardess (as they were still known then) the whole of the 45 minutes of the flight time as I was an 8 years old travelling alone. Being at an age where everything was an adventure, that trip was an eye-opening experience. Then I was taken for umrah when I was in Standard 6 as a gift for good exam results in my Penilaian Darjah 5 (now known as UPSR). I didn't sleep the whole flight time and the flight captain had to come out to meet me to answer all my questions about flight and air travel. Seems like I was destined to work as a pilot, right? No such luck. Due to reading in bed in bad lights, I was already wearing a spectacles when I was 10 years old. Little that I know, that was the only time I was going to travel with my parents. They left me in 1989 when they were travelling cross country the whole of USA while picking my eldest brother from his university while attending his graduation. My whole family was there for 1 month while I was cooped up in my boarding school. The reason given it was my SRP year. Maybe subconciously that was why I retaliated with an unforgiveable crime in 1990.

As a consolation, in 1994, when I was in my 1st year of university, I was given money by my parents to follow a friend of the family to go to Jordan and England for a trip. The family friend was sending his son to register at the University of Jordan to take up usul fiqh and detoured to London. As the Royal Jordanian Airline seems to have an offer where flights to Heathrow was cheaper than just a flight to Amman, Jordan, they took advantage of it and I had the oppurtunity to tag along. We went to Amman and the Dead Sea in Jordan. We travelled to London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow and Edinburgh in the UK. I was travelled out on that one trip but it was a preamble for the travel that I did later.

After I started to earn my own money, travel was my passion. Due to work and thanks to 'certain people', I had the opportunities to travel to various places in the world, without having to pay a single sen for the travelling cost. Except for that 1 trip I took with my wife to Europe in 2005 as that one was my holiday from my 'special clients'. Where did I've been to?I had the opportunity to go to Beijing, Shanghai and Dalian in China. I have been to all major town in Asean such as Bangkok, Bandung, Jakarta, Hanoi, Surabaya, Singapore and Manila. I have been to the great sale in Dubai. I have travelled First Class in Europe and UK. Stayed in luxurious hotels. Driven in and drove luxury cars. Been to most of Australia major towns. Except for America (either the States or South America), I have been there to experience it.

Sometimes the trip was a trade mission, sometimes it was for fun, sometimes it was for work and sometimes I was invited as alibi. These travels were a part of my stories and some were done in such a hurry that my parents only knew about it when they received a call from me when I was already there. After I got married, 3 of my wedding anniversaries and one of my wife's birthday passed by while I was globetrotting.

Life was never that good again...

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