October 14, 2008

Sold Soul (a fiction of epic proportion) continues...

(This is an ongoing online novel started as a fictionalised events of my life. Its based on true events not all experienced by me but there were some total fictions too)
I was staying between my second year of undergraduate years with a friend who I was closed to when I was during my matrculation. He was a Godfather (read about it in http://kruel-legalcat.blogspot.com/2008/09/sold-soul-fiction-of-epic-proportion_26.html) then but we had drifted apart when we were in our first year of undergraduate. We stayed together until we graduated together. In my first year, I was always hanging out with another group of people whom I was trying to impress. My first year was what I mentioned before as the start of my Hard Rock years.

Our apartment was not reserved spefically for the university. The university owns a part of the whole block and we rented the apartment from the Bahagian Harta of the university. There was no security or facilities but being on the fourth floor, we decided that there was no thief dumb enough to climb a block full of university students who never sleeps. Directly on top of us on the 5th floor is another unit rented by a few students from my batch. The block across us was rented by Sony for their factory worker. One of my roommate married the girl living on the 5th floor right across from us.

This apartment was 600 square feet. There were two rooms with a common bath and I got a room to myself. This arrangement made me having to pay more but I was quite a private person. My concerned parents furnished me with a single bed, a small television and a single gas stove. We went furniture-hunting and added a television for the living hall, a VCR and a fridge. That was it. It was sparse but for a study table which came with the apartment. In our third year, I bought a personal computer which was where the two apartments (including the one on top) completed our assignments and on our final year, our theses.
This apartment seen me trying to break a few records.

I managed to stay in the apartment for a whole of 48 hours without coming down for anything during a weekend where I was just being lazy.

I managed to bring a group of my friends, including girls, to come nearly every week, to watch our favourite TV show called Friends. That was until we were told nicely by my roommates to take the party elsewhere.
This was where I tried to sleep without waking up for nearly 12 hours. This particular record was held by my other roommate when I was in the second year of matriculation who slept from Friday morning (3am) until Monday morning (7am).

This apartment saw me lived the ordinary lives of student which we tried to make unusual with unplanned and unprecedented activities. At any one time, after 8pm, there would always be more than one 'guest' either wanted or unwanted. The television would sometimes play porns endlessly from 12am until noon the next day. Poker were played but not with money but losers must downed plain water and not pee until they won a hand. I cooked for my own consumption and sometimes for everyone when my mood was okay.

This was also I started my passion for football. I was a 'kaki bangku' before I was trained by my batch to be the defence in our football team. As the captain of our team lived on the apartment on top of us, football was injected in doses and I chose a team from the many English Premier League team. Arsenal is still the chosen team until today. On days when the Champion Leagues were shown at 3am, the block of apartment right across from us must have cursed us to no end.

I don't have a specific memory which I can consider as something exceptional from those years specifically to that apartment but I loved living there. My roommates were not my best friends then but we always kept to ourselves unless events dictated otherwise. My memories were filled with what I experience outside of it but when I was living there I knew I would always have a bed to sleep in after whatever I was doing...


Kakak Tiri said...

Ekceli, I don't remember being at yor place for the series.

Sebab every nite... including that Thursday nite... aku kluar dinner dengan Mat tu. But, managed to catch up on missed episodes when you kindly recorded the series for us gals.

Sebab kau dan deporang tu lah... aku gila f.r.i.e.n.d.s sampai sekarang.

Thanks Apak. Hihihi :)

kruel said...

Glad I did made in impact on somebody's life, whatever form it was

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