October 8, 2008

Sold soul (a fiction of epic proportion) continues...

(This is an ongoing online novel started as a fictionalised events of my life. Its based on true events not all experienced by me but there were some total fictions too)

When I was in the university, I seems to be able to have quite a lot of friends. In one day, I would be having breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper with different set of friends. When I was given a 6 year old Proton Saga in the second year as an undergraduate, my popularity soared.

During the years that I spent as an undergrad, I had the tendency to befriend girls far easier than I did men. Being an extrovert person, I love being the center of attention regardless of for the wrong or right reason. I could argue with a lecturer during lectures although I might just learnt the lesson then. Even if everyone in the class did not agree with my view, I was never perturbed. I think I gave the term 'loyar buruk' its due during all the time I was a student.

My easeness of befriending girls belied the way I look then. During these time, nerdy will be the easiest way to describe me. If geeks are considered as popular nowadays (thanks to Bill Gates), during those time, geeky person was unattractive. I wear thick rimmed spectacles which kept had to be taped. My hair (yes, I had hair then) was always unkempted and I wear clothes far off than the latest fashion then. Being overweight did help the look either. So, it will be quite hard for anyone to understand why there was always at least one girl in my car. Oh, maybe the supplementary credit cards given by my parents when I was given the car shed a light on the mystery.

From my batch itself, I was invited for excursions which guys can just dream about. Remember the episode when I said we were given RM1,900-00 as pocket money during our matriculation? There was this one time when we had received the money, a group of girls decided to go shopping in KL. Boring to most but I was the only male in the group who was given a chance to view various dresses and even swimsuits being paraded. I was supposed to give views whether their boyfriends would love them in it. I had no complains on the task given.

I did became good friends with a few of these girls during my students years. As best friends, we exchanged stories on the girl and the guy that we have our heart set on. We planned on trips around the world. We went for late night out. Clubbing. Sleeping (real sleep) in the same room. As my nature, I managed to screw up a few friendship when after pinning my heart on my sleeves for a some time for them to notice, I got fed up and tried to change my title from a 'friend' to a 'boyfriend'. Some survived the folly and we did keep in touch when I was working.

I have this one girl whose boyfriend could never know that the girl was with me. I have to shut up whenever the boyfriend called and there was this one time we had to rush from Kajang to our hostel in record time because we were having lunch at the KFC there. I basically had to hide in a toilet for nearly half an hour when we were in one of our outing and the boyfriend made a surprise appearance at the mall. I basically knew most of her secret life when she was still a school student but they were still secrets I kept until now. 

There were these four girls who were in the a different faculty whom I get to know when I was in my first year as an undergrad. We had so much fun watching the television show called 'Friends' when they were shown on Malaysian television, before I was warned by my housemates for bringing those girls to our bachelor pad. Two of them were close to me before they infiltrated the male friends from my batch. As they were quite a looker, those who they set their eyes on were easily tangled in their webs. When the other two started to go steady with their respective boyfriends, the other two became closer to me. When we were allowed to go into Hard Rock Cafe, the only place where the age limit was 21 years, we went there nearly evey weekend together. I kept trying to impress the other two girls that my credit card was used to treat them to posh restaurants but they managed to cut off my advances.

Then, there were these 3 junior students who were so close to me that we had a few short holiday together. We had weekly trips to Coffee Bean & Tea Leafs in Bangsar as the coffee culture was starting to grip Malaysia. We had a short holiday up some hill resort during the middle of the week while lectures were going on and we basically had to lie to everyone where we were. There was this one time we went to see a Hong Kong movie about a haunted karaoke which was so bad that we nearly got kick out as we were laughing so much. As one them had her own car, going out with them was easier as we could meet somewhere

There were others less insignificant girls who I went out with occasionally but these three groups were always the main characters in my life while I was a student. 

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