October 7, 2008

Sold Soul (a fiction of epic proportion) continues...

(This is an ongoing online novel started as a fictionalised events of my life. Its based on true events not all experienced by me but there were some total fictions too)

My university years were also memorable for the friendship that I forged. I seems to be able to befriend just about anybody even if he or she may be the most hated person among his or her peers. The other thing that I seem to muster was my ease of befriending girls.

I had known this one guy since the day I entered matriculation although I didn't hit it off with him at the start. He was with this group of 2 other guys who seems to be the coolest group in my batch when our matriculation starts. They all had long hair at one time or another as these were the time when underground music started to creep into our consciousness. Underground bands such as Sil Khannaz and Carburetor Dung were headlining underground events around KL and going to these events were an adventure in its own right. Guns n Roses and Metallica were foreign bands followed by us with gusto.

I was not even interested in knowing the guy because I was busy with my own passion, which were girls, then. The guy that I was interested in among the three, was the owner of a car they keep travelling to go to class. Matriculation students were put up in a block of flats nearly 10km away from the university. As I mentioned before, we were not even given the benefit of a guardian. It was like we were given a carte blanche cheque to do whatever we want. The downside was the transportations that were given to us which were buses from the university which schedules were quite erratic and too early in the morning for our taste. 7 am for the 8.30 am class. That was nearly 1 hour of sleep time wasted. I had to get in that car which I knew went out at 8 am, and sometimes even 8.20 am for that 8.30 am class. That was why I created the Godfathers. An adolescent group which actually included the 2 other guys but elevated me to be good enough to be in the car.

I managed to get in the car and an uneasy alliance started to form with the bridesmaids (the 2 guys). By the way, they were buddies as they were schooling in the same boarding school franchise. Not the same school, just the same franchise. Let me give a name to the guys. The owner of the car is S. The guys with the long hair is J Run and C. C was the one who became my close confidante until the day I was caught in Thailand. He knew most of my crime and then some.

When I dissolved the Godfathers in my second year of matric, my batch became divided according to the blocks that we were put in. There were 2 blocks for male and 2 blocks for female. We were mixed with our junior in the first year of their matriculation. I managed to do what came naturally to me which was to pit two groups, according to the block we stayed, with each other. C and J Run were in the other block and I managed to stay on with S. Not that I need any more rides as I had managed to secure a 'kapcai' from my parents. This was the most popular of transportation among university students and come to think of it, my 'kapchai' was the place where quite a few romance bloom. As most other students cared to much for their motorbikes, my unattractive 'kapchai' was easier to be loaned out for dates and short excursion around the university town. C suddenly became a fan of mine as he was without any transportation and he seemed to be always late for lunch. That was how I and he became kind of close.

When we moved to the faculty, he was one of the first who had a car. As those were the time when Malaysian football was interesting, we had a few trips to the stadiums around Klang Valley and C's car was one of our mode of transport. Waving Selangor's flags all the way to the Red Giant's stadium were the norms during those days. As the years wear on, we added trips to the Hard Rock Cafe and other nightspots to our list of trip. The clincher of our friendship was when I managed to secure a date for him with a girl who eventually became his wife. I did a little reconnaisance, found out the name of the girl and her favourite chocolate. A packet of M&M was sent and a funny incidence ensued when it was sent to the wrong person. After some correction, the gift was sent to the right person and a date was set. What do you know, 'jodoh' again showed that if you are meant to be together, you will be together. The last I heard they were still married and have been blessed with another child to add to the two they already have.

That was the early days but little did we know then how much C would be involved in my downfall....

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